Dani profile:

Name: Dani van der Moot

Name: Dani

Date of Birth: 07 March 1997

Age: 18

Position: Striker (#9)

Length: 1.84M

Weight: 70KG

Nationality: Dutch

Current Club: PSV Eindhoven

Former Clubs: AZ Alkmaar / FC Volendam / Hellas Sport

End Pass: Right- & left footed

History as a player:

Dani’s youth career began at Hellas Sport Zaandam (his place of birth). After attracting the attention of scouts at bigger clubs throughout Holland, Dani moved to FC Volendam and then to AZ Alkmaar where he played for four seasons. On July 1st 2013, at the age of 16, Dani made a big move to PSV Eindhoven and signed his first professional contract that runs until June 30th 2016. Dani has already progressed though the youth ranks at international level, representing the U15 and U16 sides. He is now an invaluable member of the U17 team, scoring 3 goals in his first 3 appearances.


  • • Player with impeccable work rate and exemplary mental strength
  • • Equal ability with both feet and a wide range of passing to complement his finishing
  • • Very strong on the ball especially in one-on-one attacking situations
  • • Always searches for space when his team are in possession
  • • Improved physicality that has helped in battles with opposition players
  • • Technical first touch and the ability to match his vision when releasing the ball quickly
  • • Strong and explosive in his sprints
  • • Solid in the air with a powerful jump
  • • Plays with a natural flair and is dangerous in the box
  • • Receptive to new coaching methods and techniques
  • • A real example to other players off the pitch. Strong values and ethics make him a natural leader
  • • Dani has already made outstanding progress and has the absolute potential to become the best in the world


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Dani van der Moot

“The first time I saw Dani play, was when he was only 11 years old and played for AZ Alkmaar. I noticed Dani, because I could tell that he had exceptional talent for a boy his age. He had the ability to score and showed great technique. Since that day, I followed him with interest and it was of no surprise to me that the Dutch FA selected him for its National youth team and that the bigger clubs showed interest. In May 2013, Dani signed a three-year contract with PSV and it took him less that one season to draw the attention form international top clubs in England, Spain and Italy. But this is where Dani sets himself apart from other players. Though an international transfer sounds appealing, Dani realizes that he is not ready to make this move. He wants to develop and progress in the Netherlands before thinking about the next steps in his career. Though he might come across as a ‘cool’ person in matches, he is a very warm and loyal person off the pitch who cares a lot about family and friends. I am very proud to may represent Dani and to consider him as a personal friend.”

- Fulco van Kooperen, Manager Muy Manero

“Dani was already noticed by AZ scouts when he was only 9 years old. He already set himself apart by scoring beautiful goals. When Dani joined the AZ youth academy at the age of 11, he soon scored many goals for his team. I remember his first AZ match; he scored straight away two goals of which one splendid header. From an early age, Dani had a natural drive for wanting to score goals. Due to his outstanding passing and header technique, he became top scorer and champion his first season at AZ. I really enjoyed training and coaching Dani. He is a player that asks and needs challenges, thus as a coach he kept me focused. I was forced to keep creating new challenges so that Dani would progress to full potential. With the support of his parents, he grew better every week and enjoyed playing football. I hope that Dani continues to develop by working hard and making use of his ability to always keep improving himself.”

- Michael Rippens, Youth Coach AZ

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